My family and I live in my grandmother's house, the same one she moved into when it was built in 1906. We share the place with a guinea pig, dog, chickens, and some ducks that roam the garden. I grew up in Northeast Minneapolis. Nobody knows the area better. 

But deep roots aren't enough when it comes to dealing in real estate. I have been fortunate to be able to work in a variety of industries that have broadened my expertise. 

My journey started when I was working my way through high school and college in residential and commercial construction. More than just hard work and a paycheck, I learned how to determine the sometimes subtle difference between shoddy and quality work. 

I kept learning, and I created an investment strategy for residential renovations. Eventually I joined up with a small investment company that focuses on residential rental properties, property management, and investment consulting. I currently handle the marketing and maintenance for their rentals, as well as keep an eye out for new acquisitions that would offer a high ROI.

In 2002, I earned my appraiser's license. Soon I was studying the Twin Cities' different markets and neighborhoods methodically and intensely. This intimate knowledge of the region's submarkets has proven to be especially helpful in the real estate realm of my business. I've spent nearly fifteen years plying the streets of the seven-county metro area, collecting data and pounding the pavement. The deep level of insight I have garnered through my thousands of appraisals allows me to be able to tell my clients why a home is valued at a particular price, or why the properties on the south side of a street are worth a different amount from those on the north side, for example. 

The different facets of my career have certainly benefited my clients. But I try to take it even further. My pledge to my clients is that I offer service that is above and beyond what you'll find anywhere else. I am always available. I am happy to roll up my sleeves and get dirty. And I care about my community. I strive to combine traditional neighborhood values with modern marketing knowledge. 

If you're looking to buy or sell in the Twin Cities, give me a call. I'd love to be of service.