I provide accurate, on-time appraisals for a wide range of personal reasons. Some of those reasons include:

Divorce. The most accurate way for you to measure a property's worth when dividing assets is through an appraisal. For example, let's say you are trying to say in your home during a divorce. The county assessor has valued the property at $135,000 three years ago. But you get an appraisal and it comes back at $125,000. In this case, you would owe your spouse $5,000 less that you would have without the appraisal. 

Tax Assessments. If you feel that your property has been overvalued by the county assessor, check if your municipality will allow outside appraisals. You just might be able to lower your tax burden. 

Eminent Domain. Eminent domain is a principle that allows the government to take private property for public use as long as the private landowner is justly compensated. But what is just compensation? If you hire an independent appraiser to analyze your situation, you may be in line for more money for your property.