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Home Appraisal

Property Taxes Too High? An Appraiser Can Help

If your property taxes are too high, a professional appraiser can work with the municipality to get you a better deal.

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Cost Versus Value On An Appraisal Report

Professional Appraiser - Minneapolis, MN

Homeowners often think that if the put money into their home, they will recover that investment when they sell the home. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. For example, let’s say that you finally put that basketball court in your backyard, complete with a concrete base and lighting. It cost you $15,000. Does that mean that the value of your home just increased by $15,000? Probably not, unless you find the perfect match, like an aspiring Stephen Curry. Otherwise the addition of a basketball court does not add much value to your property. This is the difference between cost and value.

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Want to Sell? Make Sure Your Home is Priced Smartly

Homes are still selling at a decent clip in the Twin Cities. The website shows that while average time on market throughout the U.S. is 81 days, while in the Minneapolis/St Paul metro area, that number drops to 58 days. Even with a robust real estate market, you still have to price your home appropriately; even in the hottest markets, an overvalued home will have a tough time finding buyers.

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