In my last post, I discussed some current construction projects in Northeast Minneapolis. There is so much going on in our neighborhood that I could do several more posts just on the developments and challenges that are happening in our neighborhood. Right now, though, I’d like to look just a little further afield at what’s going on in downtown Minneapolis. It turns out to be quite a lot. 

Minneapolis is booming. Recent estimates have the city’s population at 412,517, which is its highest point since the early 1970s. Perhaps even more encouraging is that downtown’s residential population has surpassed 40,000, placing downtown Minneapolis among the ten most populous central business districts in the country. Every day it seems that more and more people are discovering Minneapolis as a great place to live. 

The Minneapolis Big Build Is Underway 

Along with a number of new residential construction projects across the city, there are commercial, industrial, and park projects, too. So much so that it’s hard to keep track of them all. Meet Minneapolis, which promotes the city locally and nationally, has put together a website that showcases some of the construction projects that aim to transform downtown into an even better place to eat, play, shop, and live. The Minneapolis Big Build, as they are billing this confluence of construction projects, is "a $2 billion collection of major projects that are transforming Minneapolis, adding new facilities, new green space, and new public amenities that will enhance Minneapolis for everyone who lives, works, visits, and plays here.

"With the redesign of our signature street, Nicollet, the opening of the new U.S. Bank Stadium and Commons Park, and a major renovation to Target Center, the heart of downtown will be bolder, greener and more inviting than ever," according to their website. 



Although Minneapolis Big Build focuses on publically accessible projects, other projects are underway that will add hundreds of hotel rooms and thousands of residential units in the downtown core. Minneapolis city officials hope that the downtown population reaches 70,000 by 2024, and 500,000 residents throughout the city by 2040.

If you’re interested in buying or selling in downtown Minneapolis, Northeast Minneapolis, or any of our wonderful neighborhoods, let me know. My family has been here for over 100 years, and I’ve seen many changes here. I’d love to help you find your dream home in the Twin Cities.