Northeast Minneapolis has been in the news a lot lately. Articles have popped up in newspapers, magazines, and websites lauding the neighborhood's growing artist population, great restaurants, and unique character. But I didn't have to read any of those articles to know this was already true. I mean, my family has lived here for nearly 120 years. 

Our little urban enclave get started even before the Lipa's arrived. The neighborhood started in the 1840s, when Minneapolis was on the west bank of the Mississippi, and St Anthony was on the east - where Northeast is today. With St Anthony Falls powering the new milling industry, settles arrived. Little by little new immigrants from Eastern Europe made their homes here, working in the new factories that sprouted up in the area. 

These working-class roots remain. You'll find myriad neighborhood bars dotting the residential landscape, and the broad-shouldered character of many businesses prevails. And while there are still factories in the neighborhood, you're more likely to come across an art gallery, bike shop, or funky restaurant than a smoke-belching industrial complex. We have become a playground for families, creative types, and people of all stripes. I can't imagine living anywhere else. 

If you're looking to experience Northeast Minneapolis, either by purchasing real estate or just visiting, let me know. I'd love to be of service.