The culinary scene in Northeast Minneapolis continues to impress. Just off the corner of 13th and University, in the old Modern Cafe space, The Sheridan Room is open and serving classic American fare to hungry crowds.

The decor is warm and inviting, but the food is what’ll draw you back. This is the stuff of wholesome Midwestern kitchens: beer-can chicken, a great Reuben, burgers and sandwiches, and soups that taste like they came out of grandma’s recipe book.

The Sheridan Room also offers a full cocktail bar, offering house-crafted libations imbibers. More than that, though, is that it maintains a unique feeling of vibrancy on one of Minneapolis’ most interesting blocks: you have an art gallery, theater, bars and restaurants, barber, library, and more, all within a literal stone’s throw. 

If you're looking for a great home in a great neighborhood, let me know. My family's been in NE Minneapolis for over 100 years, so I know the terrain pretty well. 

This new addition to the area is just one more thing for us Nordeasters to be proud of. If you see me at the bar, say hi. Heck, I’m feeling so neighborly that I just might buy you a drink.