My love for Northeast Minneapolis runs deep. After all, I still live in the same home my grandmother moved into in 1906. But it’s more than just personal history. It’s the community.

The Minneapolis/St Paul urban core is becoming more popular among homeowners and renters alike, and Northeast is one of the neighborhoods that is most benefiting from this urban boom. Why are so many people moving to his vibrant neighborhood?

The Arts Scene

As the North Loop gentrified in the early 2000s, artists looked for new spaces. They found great space and a receptive community in NE. Today the entire neighborhood is a designated Arts District, and you’ll find artists plying their trades in old warehouses, coffee shops, garages, and galleries all over the neighborhood. More than that, an artistic spirit imbues the neighborhood’s streets with an energy you won’t find anywhere else in the Twin Cities.


At the same time, this remains a traditional neighborhood. Families, like mine, continue to live here generation after generation because of the strong bonds this community creates. Instead of big-box retailers and generic restaurants, you’ll find unique specialty stores and small eateries from countries across the globe - the kinds of places where you get to know who’s behind the counter, where shopkeepers know what you want because they know you. It’s almost like living in a small town in the middle of a major city.

Big City Living, Affordable Prices

Living in the middle of the city doesn’t have to be expensive. Median listing prices in Northeast range between $174,900 and 189,900. That’s a bargain among top-tier US cities. And that price range doesn’t limit you to tiny studio condos. You can get the extra bedrooms, two-car garage, and spacious yard for that price, all in an historic area that is poised to grow even further.

I love Northeast Minneapolis. You will, too. If you’re looking to get into the hottest neighborhood in the Midwest, give me a call. I’ll make sure you find the perfect place for you.