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Non-Alcoholic Drinking in Northeast Minneapolis

There are many non-alcoholic options available in Northeast Minneapolis. 

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Beware Contractor Scams

If you’re looking to hire a contractor to work on your home in the Twin Cities, please read on. It could save you plenty of money, or even your house

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Pocket Listings: Does Your Realtor Look Out For Your Best Interests?

Some real estate agents will try to convince you that you shouldn’t list your time on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This is bad advice.

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The Sheridan Room Brightens Up NE

The culinary scene in Northeast Minneapolis continues to impress. Just off the corner of 13th and University, in the old Modern Cafe space, The Sheridan Room is open and serving classic American fare to hungry crowds.

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Want to Sell? Make Sure Your Home is Priced Smartly

Homes are still selling at a decent clip in the Twin Cities. The website shows that while average time on market throughout the U.S. is 81 days, while in the Minneapolis/St Paul metro area, that number drops to 58 days. Even with a robust real estate market, you still have to price your home appropriately; even in the hottest markets, an overvalued home will have a tough time finding buyers.

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Hot Market in a Hot Neighborhood

It's been a great month to be in Northeast Minneapolis. For starters, the housing market has remained red hot throughout the Twin Cities, with prices up 2.7% for single-family homes in August compared to a year ago . Not only are prices up, but volume is, too.

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Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Northeast Minneapolis has been in the news a lot lately. Articles have popped up in newspapers, magazines, and websites lauding the neighborhood's growing artist population, great restaurants, and unique character. But I didn't have to read any of those articles to know this was already true. I mean, my family has lived here for nearly 120 years. 

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