As your buyer's agent, I want to find the best home for you and your family, at the best price. The process is simple: you tell me what you're looking for, and I'll work diligently to find it. Because I spend my days in different neighborhoods all around Minneapolis and Saint Paul, I know how housing can change by the block - and I know where to look to find your perfect new home. 

While I work throughout the Twin Cities, there are a few areas that I know best and hold closest to my heart. 

Northeast Minneapolis 

My family has lived in Northeast Minneapolis for over 100 years. My residence, in fact, has been constantly occupied by a Lipa since it was built in 1906. Stop by and pet my chickens in the backyard! Because of my deep roots in the neighborhood, I can do much more than sell you a home. I have an extensive personal network of anything you'd need to get settled. Need someone to fix screens? I have a guy. Want to know who's the best local plumber, mechanic, dentist, or butcher? Just ask. 

Northeast Minneapolis has gotten a lot of press recently because of its artistic renaissance. It's been voted the best arts district in the country, actually. If you take a stroll around you'll see myriad galleries, boutiques, independently owned restaurants, and other unique businesses. You'll also find blocks of tidy homes full of young families, longtime residents, and creative entrepreneurs. 

Downtown Minneapolis 

Just across the river from Northeast, Downtown is the shimmering center of commerce for the Upper Midwest. If you're looking for the urban lifestyle and all of the cultural trappings that come with it, Downtown is your place. Minneapolis is big enough to have major professional sports teams, a word-renowned orchestra and theater scene, top-ranked restaurants, and nightlife that ranges from all-night disco parties to candlelit wine bars. Yet it is small enough to avoid many of the pitfalls of big-city life: Downtown is lively but not crowded; clean; and great for walking throughout the year. 

St Anthony 

Just outside of the Minneapolis city limits, St Anthony is a collection of extremely well built older homes that have retained their old school character while still keeping up with the times. St Anthony is quieter and more residential than Northeast, but still close to everything the city has to offer. 


Shoreview has grown over the last 50 years into a mature suburb. With direct access to both I-35W and I-694, travel anywhere within the metro area is a snap. Turtle Lake sits smack in the middle of town (hence the city's name), and outdoor recreation plays a big role in the city. The Rice Creek North Regional Trail Corridor runs through the northwest quadrant of the city, and Lake Owasso anchors the southern part. For a quiet, water-centered lifestyle that's close enough to what you need but far enough away to feel like a retreat, look no further. 

Twin Cities and Beyond 

Of course, I work anywhere in the state of Minnesota. The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul are what I know best, but I will work with buyers to get them into the best home for them, regardless of where it's located.