Get More From Your Investment 

If you're looking to purchase or sell a property, the first question on your mind is likely "How much does it cost?" The second question is probably "How much is it worth?" The gap between these two questions is where all of the risk and reward in real estate investing lie. A market analysis can help you understand this gap. It shows the estimated value of a property and what the typical buyer would be willing to pay for it.

Tony provides comprehensive, accurate market analyses that are accessible not just to well-heeled hedge fund managers, but to the average homeowner. He uses his extensive knowledge of Twin Cities' neighborhoods to pull appropriate comparable properties from competing neighborhoods in order to complete a sales comparison analysis. At the same time, his extensive construction background helps him better determine which itemized property characteristics to take into consideration, such as porches, garages, upgraded features, and other details. 

Cost vs Value 

Say you're looking to remodel your bathroom, and you figure you're going to spend $20,000 on the entire job. How will this home improvement project affect your home's overall value? Should you do the remodel? Tony's cost vs value assessment will clearly illustrate how the renovations will affect the derived price in the market. Clear information like this can help homeowners make better informed decisions.