I've been in the property management business for over 10 years, and I've learned a lot. Running a successful rental property is more than just cutting the grass and collecting rent. It's about building community. I work hard to establish an open line of communication between tenants and landlords. I also only work with homeowners who take pride in their properties - absentee landlords need not apply. My family lives and works in these neighborhoods, so I have a vested interest in making sure that your tenants - my neighbors - are properly vetted and that you - the property owner - work to create a safe, well maintained dwelling. 

Part of ensuring that properties are well maintained is by continuously working on the interior and exterior condition of the property. I perform regular inspections to make sure that there are quality tenants taking care of the properties. At the same time, these inspections allow me to promptly address any issues with the landlord. 

I want to work with people who want to build a strong community. No problem properties, no disrepair. Just well managed, fairly priced housing that adds to our social fabric.